How to root Android 8 Oreo

How to root Android 10 Q

In order to get root on a smartphone with android 8 oreo use the utility Rootkhp Pro 3.1 on the PC. Our program is free, but you can transfer us a donation.

How to root Android 8 Oreo easily?

In our instructions, everything is very simple:

OneClickRoot (got error device not found) / Kingo is not working for this device.
  • We take the Android smartphone and connect it to a PC running the Windows operating system.
  • Run the program Rootkhp pro 3.1
  • Click on the Root button
  • You receive a notification "Your Android device verify …"
    Android 9 Pie, root, unlock
  • We are waiting for the notice "Congratulations! Root finished! … "
    How to root Android 10 Q

What to do if an error occurs?

In case of errors at any stage, write to us in detail: the device model, firmware version and other data so that we can correct the problem in the next versions of the program.

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