How to root Android 11. Root access

We want to please you, now the Rootkhp Pro 3.2 utility for a computer can get Root rights on Android 11. This feature is experimental at the moment and has been tested on Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. Testing will also continue on other devices.

For the user, the process of obtaining Root access on Android 11 is no different from rutting previous versions and is one of the most convenient and simple options.

OneClickRoot (got error device not found) / Kingo is not working for this device.

How to root Android 11

You can use Rootkhp Pro version 3.2 or higher. Using the previous link you can download the program and read the instructions.

The development of Rootkhp Pro is a difficult way, we cope, largely thanks to user support! Thanks to all concerned users for donations for the development of the program.


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