Donate payment for development RootKHP program

Donate payment for development RootKHP Pro program

Hello, dear visitors, if you want help me make RootKHP Pro better, faster fix bugs and  evolve program more rapidly, you can donate any amount to its development.
I have to work to pay for university studies, if I had the money I would have spent more time developing the program RootKHP Pro.

If you wish Donate to develop – click this.

OneClickRoot (got error device not found) / Kingo is not working for this device.

My Bitcoin account for donate:

My ETH account for donate: 0x7Fd18f03C7c3776B80ddCE8ef055676994e55B34

Big thanks!

The list of users who donated money to develop

I add to the list only with your consent 🙂

  • Chris Taeni – 0.05 BTC
  • Nates Jose – 0.01 BTC
  • Muamer Ramic – 150 USD
  • Ayad Al-Mahturi – 100 USD
  • Adrian Amato – 65 USD
  • Tellen Chen – 50 USD
  • Nandita Loona – 40 USD
  • Jeremy Mitchell – 13 USD
  • Jan Hanuš – 7 Euro
  • Anton Mechyrin – 3 USD
  • Arnold Han – 5 USD

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